Light Modifiers has been proudly serving Chicagoland and the Midwest for over 3 years, providing exceptional film and television lighting services with friendly union and non-union professionals. With the business growing quickly alongside the Chicago Film Industry, we wanted to be able to better serve our clientele - by expanding to a full-blown rental house. In 2018, Light Modifiers Rental was born! Today, Light Modifiers Rental isn't only a rental house nor a lighting company - but a valuable resource for media and entertainment production.

LMR goes beyond lighting: from pre- to post-, we can help staff union and non-union professionals on TV/Film/Commercials/Music Videos/New media in all fields.

So whether you're a Chicago native, or here on assignment, feel free to give us a call or stop by our shop; we'd love to get to know ya.


Geoff Mayer

Rental Manager

Coming out of the automotive world and as a working graphic designer, Geoff Mayer is the face of Light Modifiers Rentals.


After joining our team in mid June of 2018, Geoff quickly learned what it took to run one of the most friendly and supportive lighting rental houses in Chicago. Geoff is not only the one who helps you build your quotes, but the man behind a lot of the synergy and improvements around the shop. 

If you just want to send Geoff a friendly hello you can do so by sending him an email to geoff@lightmodrents.com

Seth Von Oberle

Founder & Owner

Seth is a Minnesota-born, Chicago-based Gaffer, and Local 476 Electrician, ("Widows", "Chicago Med & PD") who brings a unique eye and specialized style of lighting to all Film/TV based projects. Seth couples his talents of film studies with veteran on-set experience to achieve a wide variety of lighting styles for every type of production. A true lighting artist, Seth offers a unique lighting and atmospheric approach that rivals a Hollywood style with an on set attitude/Midwestern charm that re-defines whats expected for professionalism and respect on set.

Seth has worked as a gaffer on 200+ various projects, including 10+ Feature Films; and "Needle", Winner of the 2013 Cinefoundation Award at the Cannes Film Festival. His recent works include "Amelia 2.0", "The Letter: A Lovecraftian Tale", "Netflix" Chef's Table: Season 2" (Emmy Nominated), and "Savage Youth" (Slamdance Official Selection)  

Camrin Petramale

Founder & Owner

Camrin is a Chicago/LA based Cinematographer and member of the ICG Local 600, with a background in Steadicam. With experience DP'ing 7 Feature Narrative films and a wide catalog of commercial spots both local and national. Camrin's diverse working portfolio reflects his personal style as much as his collaborative abilities as a DP. With narrative looks ranging from Sci-fi & Heavy Period, to Action & Drama, Camrin's focus and technical knowledge behind a camera are unmatched when you need a Director of Photography on your next professional project.

Camrin is the winner of the Local 600 Emerging Cinematographer Award, showcasing his work as one of the best up-and-coming cinematographers in the International Cinematographers Guild. He has also won three Telly Awards for his work on commercials. Some of Camrin’s recent work includes feature films such as, "The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain"' "Amelia 2.0", "Mollywood", "No Resolution", "The Letter: A Lovecraftian Tale," and "God Forgive Us".

Andrew Biesen

Managing Partner

After years of growing up in Indiana, Andrew moved up to the Windy City of Chicago to produce and coordinate content in all types of television shows and other media ("Married At First Sight", "My Strange Addiction"). Andrew is currently in the PGA under the AP console 

Andrew loves working withe people which allows him to not only work with a multitude of personalities but help find and staff the right people for the jobs at hand. With experience coordinating and producing union and non union projects, Andrew helps productions from all over.

Andrew is a bit of an entrepreneur and when he isn't in the shop or on set producing content like Lifetime's "Married At First Sight", TLC's "My Strange Addiction" or Powerstop Brake commercials, Andrew manages MTV's on-air and on-camera talent Erik Zachary. If you're looking for Andrew he could be in LA, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit....well really anywhere.



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