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At Light Modifier Rentals we strive on being knowledgable. Lighting technology is evolving faster than ever and needs people willing to test and contextualize new fixtures, LMR is proud to be at the forefront of this effort. We believe that our role is to make sure your production has all of the right tools to get the job done. . 

Luminaire Comparisons

Produced by: Light Modifiers Rental
Written by: Camrin Petramale & Neil Adamson

Choosing the right light goes far beyond how bright it is. In this in-depth series LMR conducted a series of tests of various Lighting fixtures and break down the different characteristics of each fixture both qualitatively and quantitatively; giving our customers the information they need to implement the right fixture to their needs. 

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Part 3: Fall Off

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Part 4: Color

Part 5: Form Factor

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With producer mentality in mind, Light Modifiers Rental helps staff productions from music videos to large commercial projects and indie films. Being union friendly allows us to recommend great candidates from HMU to DPs for your production. 

Light Modifiers Rental is a Subsidiary of Light Modifiers, your friendly neighborhood lighting guys