4 ft Quasar Package 150/ a day


The Best AKS Support for every Fixture

     At LMR we understand that any light only works as well as support it has around it. We designed custom lighting kit that have the AKS you NEED to get 100% out of every LED.
     Designed by Union crew with a Non Union background, these kits were created for ease of use & total control of the the LED you need for your next production.

Aputure 300d kit 100/a day

Jo-Leko Kit 225/a day

LITEPANELS Gemini Kit 250/a day

ARRI SKYPANEL S60 Kit 275/a day

LITEPANELS 6x Astra Kit 225/a day

VELVET Soft 1x1 Kit 200/a day

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Staff With Us

With producer mentality in mind, Light Modifiers Rental helps staff productions from music videos to large commercial projects and indie films. Being union friendly allows us to recommend great candidates from HMU to DPs for your production. 

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Tel: 773-940-2654


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Light Modifiers Rental is a Subsidiary of Light Modifiers, your friendly neighborhood lighting guys